New visual identity
of Les Halles de Schaerbeek (2015-2016)

New design of the visual identity of the cultural centre "Les Halles de Schaerbeek" located in Brussels, for its season 2015-2016. Logo, creation of membership cards, adverts, prints for the subway and clearchannel, map of the neighbourhood for the artists. See also "Halles 2015-2016" and "Halles" on The adventure with Les Halles finished in June 2016, as stipulated by the new communication and artistic approach of Les Halles, where a new graphic designer is assigned for each new season to create a dynamic flow of creation and innovation. I was the first graphic designer of this project.

the Halles/1
the Halles/2
the Halles/3
the Halles/4
the Halles/5
the Halles/6
the Halles/7
the Halles/8
the Halles/9
the Halles/10
the Halles/11
the Halles/12
the Halles/13
the Halles/14
the Halles/15
the Halles/16
the Halles/17
the Halles/18
the Halles/19
the Halles/20
the Halles/21
the Halles/22
the Halles/23
the Halles/24
the Halles/25
the Halles/26
the Halles/27
the Halles/28
the Halles/29
the Halles/30
the Halles/31
the Halles/32
the Halles/33