Le temps

Binding work based on the theme: "Time". "Real" time overtakes us and is not confined to a limited space or rhythm. "Real" time is lived only. By the way these four editions were created, they reveal four body states that prove it: N°1 Anxiety; N°2 Reminiscence; N°3 Dream; N°4 Déjà-vu. Linocut. A 6-week binding internship at ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels.
La Cambre 2014

Le temps/1
Le temps/2
Le temps/3
Le temps/4
Le temps/5
Le temps/6
Le temps/7
Le temps/8
Le temps/9
Le temps/10
Le temps/11
Le temps/12
Le temps/13
Le temps/14
Le temps/15
Le temps/16
Le temps/17
Le temps/18
Le temps/19
Le temps/20
Le temps/22
Le temps/23
Le temps/24
Le temps/25
Le temps/26
Le temps/27
Le temps/28
Le temps/29
Le temps/30
Le temps/31