A journey in a vertical tunnel from Scotland down to the centre of the Earth, to the antipode, and to space

/Data-records of performance, emergency blanket, plaster and texts/

Sculpture exhibited at the Interim Show 2018 at the Reid at the Glasgow School of Art and Tramway in Glasgow.
On Saturday 23rd of December 2017, the satellite called Grace-2 (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) passed above the antipode* in Scotland. From 02:44am to 02:47am local time (GMT time: Friday 22nd of December 2017, from 13:44pm to 13:47pm) at an altitude of 99 miles.**
On the 24th, Grace-2 re-enters the atmosphere, heading to the Earth, burning itself little by little losing approximately 60% of its mass according to the general behaviour of decaying satellites.
On Saturday 13th of January 2018 from 13:44pm to 13:47pm GMT, a tunnel of 1m2 surface starts to be dug at Glengaonnar, south of Abington, in Scotland.
The tunnel continues to be dug every Saturday at the same time from 13:44pm to 13:47pm GMT, until the 10th of February when Grace-2 disappears.

* The antipode is the opposite pole on Earth of a place. The antipode of Scotland lies in the Indian Ocean, in the International High Sea.

** The airspace above the High Sea is free and remains unclaimed (...) upper limit lies (...) 99 miles above the Earth. (Bonnett A. (2015). Off the Map: Lost Spaces, Invisible Cities, Forgotten Islands, Feral Places and What They Tell Us About the World.)